11 Apr

Anita’s guide for Spring/Summer 2017


Time to declare what to wear and what not to wear this summer.

The fashion mantra for Spring/Summer ’17 is go wild, go rad, go retro in majority. Let’s take a look at what’s hot and what you need to stock up on for the summers!

Go pastel!

Gone are the days when the bride sticks to reds, maroons or ever duller….rust. It’s time to jazz the wedding outfit up! 2017 is all about going pastel with your wedding outfit. Think minty green, powder blue, creamy orange and baby pink. Also none of that heavy blingy gold look either. Think rose gold, champagne gold or even Victorian gold. Subtle yet feminine is the way to go!


Image Source: www.wedmegood.com

The perfect clutch to carry with a muted coloured lehenga is the Silver Azura Clutch by AHR is perfect for the occasion.



Animal Farm

Animal caricatures as prints, appliqués, painted or embroidered as hot this summer. By animal, I by no means mean that overdone and overused leopard print. Think cats, dogs, owls even elephants! Whatever suits your fancy, pick your favourite animal and wear it!!

Animal Farm

Image Source: queeringstyle.tumblr.com

Asymmetrical layering

Symmetry is classic and all but there is a charm in out of the box fashion and standing out from the crowd. Isn’t that what makes others notice you?! You could layer a classic bottom with an asymmetrical top or vice versa. Asymmetrical kurtas and dresses are a rage too. Take a look around and find what suits you best.


Image Source: www.jaypore.com

Exaggerated sleeves and flared bottoms

Channel the inner bohemian in you. Exaggerated sleeves and flared bottoms ala the flower power 70’s are back. Bell, or ultra long or slit, nothing chicer these days. Rustle through your moms wardrobe, you might be in for a surprise


Image Source: thealwayzfashionablylate.com

The outfit demands all the attention, but you also need a neutral bag to stow away all your essentials

Fringes and Tassels 

One fashion trend that goes with all sorts of clothing’s, from Saris to jackets to even accessories. Call it rock n’ roll recall or just another way to jizz up the old boring, it looks fancy and ups the ante on what you are wearing.


Image Source: hindustantimes.com

Don’t worry if you aren’t up for a comple tassle makeover. Incorporate it in your accessories. Try this AHR Sierra sling in Beige & Orange colour. A great way to subtly incorporate the trend in your daily look.

Tassel bag


So what are you wearing this summer??

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