17 Oct

All that glitters is Gold!


Indians and specially the women cannot stay away from the bling and glitz of anything golden!

The obsession, to say the least, with gold and gold jewellery is an old one and dates back to hundreds and hundreds of years.

Over time, we have embraced the beauty and kitschy-ness of silver jewellery and appreciate the delicacy of platinum too, yet when it comes down to comparison, gold is gold!! Since our childhood we have been told that there is nothing more valuable than gold and that indoctrination runs deep! Jewellery today has become versatile and may longer be as heavy or as old fashioned, from statement gold jewellery to party wear, from work wear to even a kids range, it’s all out there!

Birthdays, Anniversaries and ofcourse Weddings, nothing tops the gift of gold! To say the least, the bride drowns in gold on her wedding and in some cultures from head to toe….literally…but who’s complaining??

Therefore needless to say, Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali is anticipated with bated breath by both the jewellery store owners as well as the consumers…for their own specific reasons!! On this day one is supposed to purchase gold along with utensils and clothes, it is said that the symbolic purchase of gold and metal will ward away ill will and bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to the home and the family.

Well, why break tradition right, especially when it is asking us to go ahead and shop for something that we think twice about, on this day we just gotta!!!!

While you are out shopping for Dhanteras, why not carry this gold tote by Caprese and get into the festive mode!


Carry this Rapunzel Blush Beaded Baguette Bag while going for shopping.

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