3 Jan

Achieving Fitness Goals Like A Boss


Everywhere you see, it’s the ‘new year, new me’ adage that has become convincingly prominent. And while you want to be more active, more in-the-moment-in-the-game, it all boils down to one thing – your physical health leveraged by fitness.

Yes, I hear you. Gym memberships are an investment that may not bear fruit for all of us - especially the lesser motivated ones.

So here are the more practical and achievable goals for you to not only make, but also tick away.

1. Take the stairs

Listen to your favorite music or get lost in your thoughts – but taking the stairs will quietly gnaw at those problem areas you’ve been mulling over for years.

 2. Small changes in diet

Drink green tea with cinnamon powder, use skimmed milk in your coffee while avoiding sugar altogether. Chew on flax seeds instead of oily chips. Include fruits in your diet and Greek yoghurt. Keep your dinner very very light.


Image Source: reekyogurtparadise.com

3. Posture

Avoid slouching when you’re sitting. Instead, try standing as much as you can when you’re working – like when you are on calls.

4. Squats and shoulder exercises

A few quick squats spaced out throughout the day can work wonders.

Last but not least, if you really try, gym is not a bad idea. Here’s a gym duffle bag to get kick start your fitness journey.


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