27 Oct

A Day To Celebrate Art!


Believe it or not – Art forms a very important facet of our lives. A child does not start off written communication with the abcs. Instinctively, the scribbles of a child is a deep depiction of the world around – pictorially, and also the world of imagination.

Humans, when they first emerged had pictographic scripts, which then were refined down to the alphabets, that we are now familiar with.

Art of the ages allow us a peek into what was and what is now; and how we as humans are similar or have differentiated into varied cultures. Art is the absynth of the mind.

Art is something that is very personal and widely appealing too. Artists lay bare their souls on the canvas and paint doors which can to tap into the deep forgotten subconscious of its viewers. Chris McClure, a Canadian artist founded the International Artists Day on the 25th of October, to celebrate this very universe of art and all artists, who make such a difference to our lives. We at TheBagtalk, try and bring out the same essence to appeal to your personal tastes in whichever form and medium that it may be. Some of our curated bags are hand painted and each one is truly unique.

To take a look at some of the hand painted bags, visit the collection by Pitaara Handmade, who knows which piece of art you might fall in love with!!


Encourage artisians creativity and buy this hand-painted pitaara

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