10 Jan

4 Sitcoms You Don’t Wanna Miss


While apple may have been given all the credit to keep the doctor away, we think that nothing keeps your physical and mental health sharper than a good laugh every day.

It’s not a big secret that good company and a positive attitude towards life can induce something like a good, hearty laugh, which is so invaluable.

But, on World Laughter Day, we look back at all the brilliant sitcoms and have prepared a good jam of all sitcoms that will tickle the funny bone.

1. That 70s show

The show, which is so smoked up that you wonder where you’ve landed yourself in, is also the one where Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis landed on stardom.

2. Modern Family

Adorable characters mixed with subtle wit and yet incredibly heart-warming, this show is all kinds of messed up and yet would want a family like them.

3. Everybody Loves Raymond

Nothing fosters more laughter than a dysfunctional family, who poke their noses in each other’s life only to create a bigger mishmash.

4. Arrested Development

Season 5 is almost here and if you haven’t watched the first four yet, time for you to catch up. The USP of the show is how deadpan and in-you-face the comic timing is.

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