14 Nov

Being The Perfect Parent To Your Child!


This Children’s Day, 14th November 2017 make a promise to be a better parent to your child. We are humans and we make mistakes, we feel like we are erring with our child or that there is some lack in our parenting. That isn’t the case.

Children are observant and they realise that their parents are putting in as much effort possible to make them good human beings, despite all odds. This will leave a lasting impression on them.

Therefore as parents we have to concentrate on portraying the right image of ourselves. They learn from what they see, so keep your values in check always.

Here are a few tips-

Give your 100%

Show them the positives of doing a job and sticking to it till the end. This teaches them patience and determination, also teaches them to value whatever the task at hand is.

Trust but not too much

Teach them the virtues of altruism. That the world is actually a good place and we need to give back to the society since we receive so much in return. Also as a corollary teach them to follow their instincts and not trust anyone blindly.

Take care of yourself

Inculcate healthy habits and cut out the unhealthy ones. Pave the way for your child to worship their own bodies. Promote positive body image, no matter what size your child or you are, what is important is for you all to be healthy and fit, ingrain that into your child too.

Be attentive

It’s easy to brush off our children since they are small right now. But the lack of attention will translate into other problems. They won’t value relationships as much and will grow up to be self centred. Also, pay attention not just to them, but to other relations in your life. If they see you giving time to your parents, siblings and spouse, they too will learn to do the same.

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