24 Jan

7 Stress Relievers To Carry In Your Bag


Are you completely stressed out at work? Are targets bogging you down like a flattened paratha? You don’t need to look any further than your bag!

You can fill it up with several stress-relieving options that’ll help you get past the day, and keep fighting away that dreary old thing called life.

Pocket adult colouring books

Now scientifically proven to reduce stress, they are absolutely amazing. Buy big ones for sitting at home and creating bigger canvasses. But several great pocket-sized options are perfect when sitting in the Uber or train. Keep a set of pencils chained together for easy access! Simple!

Pocket colouring book

Image Source: andrewsmcmeel Publishing


Cheap, easy to find, and you can buy them by the meter these days! Simply cut up some sheets and keep them handy. Also hand them out to people in office. You’ll find free gifts, beers, and work getting done for you in no time.

Bubble wrap

Image Source : Mail Online

Aromatherapy Mood Sprays

They’re easily available online and work great with a host of different propositions! Whether you’re sitting alone, or with someone special, a spray here and there and magic seems to happen!


Image source: nextstepu

 Pocket Massager

Looks weird and might get you a few unwanted looks on the train. But don’t worry about that, your neck, back and legs will feel lovely with this tiny piece of heaven.

pocket massager

Audio books

Unlike music, an audio book is a more relaxing experience because you’re focusing on a story and it lets you switch the world off. Get some in your phone with great noise cancellation earphones and you’re set to enter new worlds just after finding a seat on the train.

Audio books

Image Source: themodernnomad

Pressure point socks/soles

They don’t need to be on you all the time (and shouldn’t anyway). Slip them on when you’re going to walk around a bit and you’ll feel instant relaxation. Keep washing them so your bag doesn’t stink itself up.

Pressure point socks

Image Source : soap.com

The Head and Spine Tingler

Sold for peanuts on trains and stations, this is one Chinese product that really works. Looks funny but works really well. Get one now!

Head Tingler

These are great ways to have stress busters on you at all times! Your bag can hold these light, uncluttered and simple things.

Also, sometimes, you may just want to quit your job if the stress is too high!

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