27 Nov

5 Ways To Make Your Child’s School Bag Light!


Thinking of making your child’s bag light? The world over, kids are suffering from back pain, poor posture and spinal issues right from school! In some places they’re also causing deformities with kids! You remember it from your time in school, and your parents probably do from their time too.

So how can we beat this? 

Sometimes it’s trickier than just removing the books. The school’s requirements, the home food that your kid needs and other essentials also make a great part of how to design what goes in.

So we searched high and wide and tried to come up with 5 simple ways to make going to school, a light affair!

Talk to the teachers!

They can be your best friends when it comes to mapping out which books your children need.

Try and ask in advance if they require all the books relating to the subject or not. Often kids will carry their entire coursework for each subject without using most of them. You can share this weekly or monthly mapping with the other parents too.

Elementary Pupil Reading With Teacher In Classroom
In-school facilities

Not all schools have facilities for lockers or desk drawers than can be secured. That shouldn’t bog you down. Get together with all the parents and the PTA and make a small fund to slowly bring about change within the school. You don’t need to rush in and buy hundreds of lockers immediately, but even small changes in their desks—or adding locks can make a big difference. Not only will the kids love it, but their teachers too!

The right bag!

We can’t stress how important this is. Prioritize a good bag that has padded straps and back panel. They may ask you to get their favorite superhero or cartoon character on it instead. But if there’s a slightly boring option that’s ergonomically superior—don’t think twice. You know better!

Go beyond the bag!

Choosing the right bag is only the first step. Every single thing that goes inside the bag must be relooked at. Ditch plastic for food but don’t replace it with heavy metallic cases. Choose light aluminium cases. Everything from their pencil box to accessories that they need must be the lighter option from the market. Also, the way you place the items makes a huge difference. Heavy stuff below and light stuff up! If you distribute the weight instead of dumping it all in—you’ll feel more comfortable.


The right posture is overlooked so many times, it’s not funny! Kids can be slouchy and have their shoulder crunch up forward. That worsens what a heavy bag can already do! If nothing works just stick a ruler on their back and have them practice the correct posture. So there you have it! Most of these tips can be put into use from the moment you stop reading this article, some may take a little more time! But don’t forget, it’s for the best!

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