9 Feb

5 Places In Your City Where You Can Get The Best Pizza


If love had another name, it would probably sound something like pizza. And when love is at its cheesiest best, it is most welcoming. And needless to say, it holds the same for pizza.

Because it doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes straight to the heart. And wherever you are, we have a quick guide to some wonderful pizza places.

1. Mumbai – Imagine your favorite street food and pizza coming together. Well, you don’t have to not leave it to your imagination anymore as you can find some incredible chaat pizza at Glocal Junction.
2. Delhi – If you’re in Delhi, you’re quite obviously visiting your favorite Hauz Khas. Add some delicious pizza to your visit with the ones in Pizzeria Rossa.
3. Bangalore – If Wood Fire pizzas are your thing, then Little Italy lives up to its name with its authentic pizzas, and even pasta and garlic bread.
4. Kolkata – Located in the very posh Park Street, Fire & Ice Pizzeria defines fine dining that will satisfy your pizza cravings.
5. Pune – You don’t want to miss out on some Napolitano-style pizza that The Greedy Man Pizzeria has to offer.

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    February 12, 2018 at 3:44 AM Reply
  • Trupti

    Their is no one who not liked pizzaaa .. it’s allllll favourite and happy that it’s available everywhere..

    February 12, 2018 at 4:36 AM Reply
  • Mansi

    The above blog is really amazing. Totally love all the blogs.

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