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5 Perfumes To Keep In Your Handbag!

5 Budget Perfumes To Keep In Your Bag (2)

Summer is around the corner and one essential item that should definitely feature in your bag is a good fragrance.

You might get called in for an important meeting the moment you get back from the sweltering sun or that cute new guy asks you for drinks post work, or you suddenly decide an all girls evening out who knows, the possibilities are endless, but the longevity of perfume may not be!

It isn’t always possible to stash your expensive perfume in your bag or office desk but there are some budget friendly options to prep up your style and freshen you up.

People do judge you by the way you smell before they even start looking at your outfit, so go ahead and bring your A game on! Here are five options that you could consider, depending on your choice of scents.

Atlas Mountain Rose by The Body Shop

Beautiful, feminine, alluring and fresh all in one. An all time favourite. Not too overpowering, not too forthcoming, just the right balance of sweetness and muskiness. Works well both for the day as well as night. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Atlas Mountain

Image Source: thebodyshop.co.nz

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

Lemony and earthy all at the same time. A perfect daytime wear, whether you are in office or out for a lunch date, this scent will refresh your senses just as its namesake drink. There is a hint of jasmine somewhere amongst the lemon, musk and mint which makes it so calming on the nerves. It sure makes for a great keep in the handbag!

Green Tea perfume

Image Source: elizabetharden.co.nz

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White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

A classic fragrance and at such affordable prices, what more could one want! It seems this perfume was meant to be an embodiment of the actress and with hints of lily and sandalwood, it does draw from her seductive and mysterious personality! The fragrance is bold and feminine altogether. Works for in office purposes as well as a wild night out! Spritz it on and let your inner diva reign!


Image source: ispot.tv

Zara Femme Eu De Toilette

Vanilla and musky, there is something very warm and comforting about this fragrance. It is literally like a vanilla mocha latte giving you a hug!! Though more of an evening/night perfume, but don’t let that categorization stop you from using it throughout the day. Also a big plus is that it comes in a bag friendly size, so next time you know what your Zara checkout cart should include!


Image Source: plus.google.com

Adam Levine for Her

The fragrance is as sensual as the singer himself. There is a lingering smokiness to the perfume which makes you feel very sophisticated and grown up (if you don’t feel it already!!). Some unusual scents of marigold and sandalwood along with the vanilla and spices, give it a very glamorous edge. Plus the bottle is shaped like a microphone, now who wouldn’t want to whip this one out in front of an audience!!

adam (1)

Image Source: closetbeautyjunkie.wordpress.com

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6 (2) (1)

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