18 Nov

5 Awesome Gadgets For You!


Going to the gym isn’t enough—you need analytics and gadgets to get the best out your workout. Get smart and take decisions to put your fitness regime on the fast track.

Just posted your daily run of 500m to everyone on Facebook? Or a nice shot of the protein shake hiding the chicken tikka masala and cupcake from last night’s dinner on Instagram?

Whatever your reason is, the gym is a place where most of us will at least go once in our lives.

Some of us will be enchanted and become gym-freaks (our friends will leave us soon), some of us will go a few times (post Diwali, post holiday, post not fitting into last month's pants), and some of us will buy a membership every year--only to never step on a treadmill.

Some of us will actually find a non-gym related fitness activity that we love (but it will eventually end up in losing friends).

Whatever your drug is (as long as it’s legal), we’ve brought some gadgets for you to gawk over and improve your Gym Bag Rep by a 1000 times. We’re pretty sure even ViratKolhi hasn’t heard of a few of these!

Umoro One V2 Bottle

Whether you think protein shake is the second coming of Jesus or cement juice, chances are you spend a quarter of the Bangladeshi economy on your powder. But you also need water right, so that means two bottles. Wrong. With the V2, you can store the powder on a case above the V2 and water below. When you need the protein, simple let the ball drop and voila! One bottle, two uses.


The only real way to stop you from eating junk, eating too quickly, or even existing is to nag. At least that’s what the makers of HAPIfork think. This (over)smart fork starts to vibrate violently when you eat too fast (which causes poor digestion and that sucks for your body). We’re sure future versions will tell you not to dig into that bucket of fried chicken–but till then we can be happy with getting control over eating speeds.


Source: Colleen Stinchcombe, SheKnows Expert

Lumo Run Shorts & Leggings

All those times you’ve felt your clothes have a mind of their own? Turns out—some clothes really fit the bill. The Lumo Shorts and Leggings have a smart waistband that track your movements such as stride length, steps, pelvic rotation, and more! Did we say they’re smart? Yeah it gives real time audio feedback too! Imagine pounding laps on the treadmill when your shorts suddenly scream to you “You’re landing too hard!” Surely the aunty on the next treadmill gets a heart-attack?


This is actually not a watch. But it does things way better than most watches. Who needs time when you’re deep inside your fitness journey anyway right? A simple strap-on to your triceps and this bad-boy becomes an audio fitness coach. Especially famous for its precision and usability for weight-trainers!

Finnis Neptune V2

An unfortunately named product in the Indian context that performs better than its name. The V2 is for those swimmers firstly—and anyone who hates in-ear headphones. Using an amazing bone-conduction technology, the Neptune sends music to your bones! Literally! So instead of using your eardrums, you hear through the jawbone directly. It sounds way better above water than inside though. So keep that in mind


Source: Sigalon’s IT Soup

There you have it! Your gym bag is now ready to be the envy of neighborhood. Till the next rich guy picks up on your reading habits 🙂

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