30 Jan

4 Superfoods To Nail Your Health Regime


We’ve all prayed for those magic pills that will make us not just lose weight, but also take care of all the problem areas. But healthy living is a process that is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea.

And that’s why we have broken down the rigid construct of a diet to include some super foods that are the closest to the magic pill you can ever hope to have.

  1. Unsalted nuts – Filled with fiber and proteins, nuts keep you full and take care of the constant hunger pangs that irk us when we are relatively bored. Say no to oily chips and grab some nuts instead.
  2. Greek or low-fat yogurt – Dairy products give you the nutrition you need, especially for women who need the calcium. For a light dinner, have a good helping of yogurt for the much-needed potassium.
  3. Cardamom- There is magic in your own kitchen that you haven’t tapped into yet. Cardamom helps in increasing metabolism, thus helping you lose weight.
  4. Dark chocolate – Weight loss doesn’t have to be boring. You can have a limited (twice a week) amount of dark chocolates to keep you motivated because the tongue must not feel displeased.

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    I always fall sick

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    Helpful article

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