30 Dec

4 New Year resolutions That Are Slow, Steady and Achievable


Remember those days when you would make a resolution on New Year’s Eve and then wake up with regrets on the second day of the New Year because you’ve already broken it?

This year, let’s resolve not to break New Year resolutions.

Let’s look at some of them that are easy to make and easier to keep.

1. Reading one informative article everyday

Because how many times do you make an effort to open an article that throws light on the growing trends of the economy?

2. Taking the stairs

 You don’t have time for fitness but can surely spare an extra few minutes to take the lift instead of stairs and those legs will be more toned than ever.

3. Asking about someone’s day

Not only will that bring you closer to people, but will add warmth to normal social interactions.

4. Making your own tea/coffee

There’s nothing like sitting down at the end of the day with a cup of your favorite hot beverage specially brewed by yourself.

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