13 Mar

3 Kinds Of People To Be Wary Of


On a daily basis, we come across strangers in our workplace, when we’re travelling or commuting, when we’re in the middle of mundane bank work or even in grocery stores. We may meet the most unusual people in the most usual places.

But here are some people with unmissable traits that one must be careful of.

  1. The overfriendly aunty – Know that neighbor who is always snooping around, asking about the clothes that you wear and how you should wear them? Her intentions are not so holy when it comes to your well-being and more often than not, she’s the gossip monger you should be staying away from.
  2. The guy who takes pride in being manipulative – If he is cracking the best deals by manipulating people, chances are that he’s manipulating you too.
  3. The excuse-giver – whether it’s a cancelled plan, or a sticky situation, there’s always that person who has the greatest excuses up his sleeve to save his back. These people usually won’t think twice before saving their own selves and not giving much thought to other people.

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